I have personally been in Vohandu Marathon last year, and really fascinated with HoneyPower quality. I may even to say I could not cross the finish line without HoneyPower.

Taiki Fukunaga

Great product, I especially like the sourish and salty tastes.

Kristjan Pukk


Went to a mountainbike marathon in Rapla, took 3 gels with me - it was superb!

Keijo Kuusk

We tested HoneyPower gel first time in Balaton Supermarathon in Hungary. I did not finish, because of the injury, but 2 days and more than 100 km, it worked for me.

Tarmo Reineberg

Marathon runner

I have been using HoneyPower now for couple of months and I like it. I like everything about it – the taste, packaging and the sliping down the throat. Now I recommend it on all the events and trainings.

Meelis Atonen

Marathon runner, has finished more than 130 marathons

I believe, that I´m not magnifying, when I´m saying, that without those gels I would not have reached the finish of that marathon, because the food provided by organisers was pretty poor. I used 28 packs of gels during the race and I have to say, that they were the first gels, that I could consume all the way till the finish. I did not have any problems with my stomach and no problems with consuming them without instantly drinking after. I am a big fan of honey in my everyday life and I really liked the taste of HoneyPower because of that. Thank you HoneyPower team, and lets wait for the next challenges together.

Rait Ratasepp

Trans Gran Canaria ultra marathon finisher 2015

I used couple of gels during the XDream event and I have to say, that if before I had some doubts about the packaging, now I raise two hands to cherish the package. Especially being tired, it is very nice, that one can open the package with ease and then consuming is easy as well.

Joosep Tammemäe


I love the packaging, it makes getting everything from there easy and nothing gets wasted. Also the texture of the product is very nice and reminds me of my grandmothers jam.

Sven Liivand

Marathon runner, finisher of 72h marathon in Karjala