Well it´s quite simple! The increased levels of carbohydrate in honey makes it a clinically proven option as a natural and stable energy boost for endurance sports. The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost, whilst the fructose is absorbed more slowly providing sustained energy delivery. The natural ingredients make the gel easily digestible and gives it a very nice taste.

For boosting the performance, athletes consume carbohydrates before and during the exercise. While total carbohydrate intake is a nutritional factor affecting performance, the type and form of carbohydrate consumed by athletes is also important because it may affect the digestion rate, glucose release in the blood and insulin response. Generally, liquids and gels are digested faster than semi-solid and solid foods. Additionally, carbohydrates with low to moderate glycemic indexes (fructose, starch, honey) increase glucose and insulin levels to a lesser degree than high glycemic index carbohydrates (sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrins). For this reason, it is generally recommended that athletes ingest carbohydrates with low to moderate glycemic indexes prior to and during exercise to promote a prolonged elevation in blood glucose.

When something seems to be too good, it ain´t probably true. To be a healthy and successful athlete you´ll need good training, quality food and also,  don´t forget to rest. In HoneyPower we believe in simple things, like best quality natural ingredients. HoneyPower works, naturally!


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