The story of HoneyPower started in a hot South Africa, during the 89 km Comrades Marathon. When consuming various energy gels during the competition we wondered time and again why the gels have to taste so sweet and insipid... In the evening, when sharing the impressions of the day we toyed with the idea of creating an energy gel that would be natural and taste good even after several hours of sporting. As we stirred a spoonful of honey into tea we had a moment of enlightenment, realising that honey is the purest possible energy for the human body and it has been used for thousands of years already.

Our 4 guidlines HoneyPower has to meet:

    • taste good
    • give energy
    • consist of ingredients available in nordic nature
    • be natural

After some experiments in home kitchen we turned to the researchers of Tallinn University of Technology to develop the idea further and find the components that would be easily absorbed by the human body and make up a delightful taste blend. The ultimate recipe was tested on endurance sports enthusiasts whose favourable feedback encouraged us to place HoneyPower gels on the market in autumn 2014.

By now, HoneyPower has mounted the podiums of the biggest skiing events held in Estonia and Latvia, as well as marathons held in Europe. Moreover, the first Estonian who completed the formidable Trans Gran Canaria ultramarathon had used our gels and admitted that without them the adventure would have been much harder.

The goal for HoneyPower team is to create natural products that give you energy while sporting in the most natural way. The adventure continues – be part of it with us!